12-06 Glenn Gould-Bach: The Goldberg Variations - My Music

December 6th, 2009

DrMarkMalkovich-podcastpic.jpgGlenn Gould-Bach: The Goldberg Variations - In this episode of My Music w/ Dr. Mark Malkovich, Dr. Malkovich plays the music of Glenn Gould. You will hear a re-performance of his 1955 performance. Glenn Gould was born in Toronto in 1932, and enjoyed a privileged, sheltered upbringing in the quiet Beach neighborhood. His musical gifts became apparent in infancy, and though his parents never pushed him to become a star prodigy, he became a professional concert pianist at age fifteen, and soon gained a national reputation. By his early twenties, he was also earning recognition through radio and television broadcasts, recordings, writings, lectures and compositions. To read more go to http://www.glenngould.com/

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