04-04-15 Jennifer’s Chocolates, Wakefield RI - The 95.9 Company Break

April 6th, 2015

This week The 95.9 Company Break takes a look at Jennifer's Chocolates in Wakefield, RI. Raised in California by a chocolate-lover and an exploratory-type cook, Jennifer may have been destined for a life in chocolate. She took many roads to get there. From college she worked for Club Med in resort villages in the Bahamas, Mexico, Yugoslavia, and Tunisia, followed by nearly a decade in NYC regional headquarters. Tiring of the corporate life, she left to research U.S. markets for foreign and domestic companies. The last of these reports happened to be on the market for premium chocolates, during the writing of which her husband came home with the news that his favorite candy shop was up for sale. Jennifer’s Chocolates was bought, renamed, and rebuilt. Seventeen years later it is the delight of pairing chocolate in new ways and of spreading her joy in chocolate to locals near and far that keeps the business fun for Jen. For more contact them or for more information visit jenschocolates.com 

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