11-07-20 McQuade’s Marketplace - The 95.9 Company Break

November 9th, 2020

In this weeks 95.9 Company Break program Mike talks with McQuade's Marketplace Owner Michael McQuade and Store Manager Ed LaPlante. Quality without compromise! At McQuade's Marketplace you can find outstanding selections from their butcher shops, they feature certified Black Angus Beef™ as well as their own freshly ground hamburger in all of their stores. So for fresh meats, poultry, pork, lamb and many specially items, stop by one of their store locations today. They also offer a wide choice of the freshest seafood. From seafood fresh off the docks, like lobster, blackfish, sea scallops and littlenecks to Mahi mahi, Pacific marlin and wild salmon from Alaska, their fresh seafood departments have it all! The fruits and vegetables at McQuade's Marketplace are always the freshest available, whatever the season. Many organic and local items are available too. Stop by one of their store locations and 'pick' the freshest produce available. McQuade's Marketplace in-store bakeshop is a full service department for all you bakery needs. From Wedding Cakes to party platters we prepare many unique, made from scratch items in their bakeries every day. For more information call (401) 596-2054 or visit https://www.mcquadesmarket.com/grocery.php

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