8-29 The Greatest Women Pianists-REPLAY - My Music

August 29th, 2010

DrMarkMalkovich-podcastpic.jpgThe Greatest Women Pianists - In this "Best Of" My Music episode from 2008, the late Dr. Mark Malkovich talks about some of the greatest women pianists and plays some of their pieces. For more on great pianists CLICK HERE.

8-29 The American Band 2010 - Conducting Conversations

August 29th, 2010

MikeMaino-podcastpic.jpgThe American Band 2010 - In this episode of Mike Maino's Conducting Conversations, Mike talks with Dr. Gene Pollart from URI's Music Department and the American Band.  The American Band is a symphonic concert band of over 50 musicians from Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.  The band has a long and colorful history extending back to 1837, making the American Band one of the oldest continuously active bands in the US.  CLICK HERE for more information on The American Band.

8-22 Vladimir Sofronitzki-REPLAY - My Music

August 22nd, 2010

DrMarkMalkovich-podcastpic.jpgThe Music of Vladimir Sofronitzki - In this "Best Of" episode of My Music w/ Dr. Mark Malkovich from August 2008, the late Dr. Malkovich talks about Vladimir Sofronitzki and his great masterful music. For more info. on Vladimir Sofronitzki CLICK HERE.

8-22 Theater by the Sea-Look Ahead - Conducting Conversations

August 22nd, 2010

MikeMaino-podcastpic.jpgTheater by the Sea-Look Ahead - In this episode of Conducting Conversations with Mike Maino, Mike talks with Amiee Turner, producing artistic director of from TBTS and Joel Kipper, managing producer from TBTS.  This show is a retrospective of the 2010 TBTS season and a look ahead to the 2011 season.  You'll hear musical selections from the four shows featured in the Summer of '11. For more on Theatre by the Sea CLICK HERE.

08-15 Battle of the Sopranos-REPLAY - My Music

August 15th, 2010

DrMarkMalkovich-podcastpic.jpgBattle of the Sopranos - In this "best of" episode of My Music with Dr. Mark Malkovich from August 2008, the late Dr. Malkovich plays music from American and Italian sopranos and lets you decide which country is tops.

08-15 Ocean State Orchestra’s Summer Pops 2010 - Conducting Conversations

August 15th, 2010

MikeMaino-podcastpic.jpgOcean State Summer Pops 2010 - In this episode of Conducting Conversations w/ Mike Maino, Mike talks with Joe Bentley, President and Tom Archer, Founding member about the Ocean State Orchestra's Summer Pops. For more information on SoundMusic please CLICK HERE.

08-08 Legendary Russian Pianists, Part XXIX - My Music

August 8th, 2010

DrMarkMalkovich-podcastpic.jpgLegendary Russian Pianists, Part XXVIII - In this episode of My Music w/ Dr. Mark Malkovich, The late Dr. Malkovich continues his series on the recordings of Legendary Russian Pianists. For more information on this recording please CLICK HERE.

08-08 SoundMusic at Mystic Aquarium 2010 - Conducting Conversations

August 8th, 2010

MikeMaino-podcastpic.jpgSoundMusic at Mystic Aquarium 2010 - In this episode of Conducting Conversations w/ Mike Maino, Mike talks with Music Director Martin Piecuch about SoundMusic and their concert at the Mystic Aquarium. For more information on SoundMusic please CLICK HERE.


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