09-05-15 The Campaign for Cancer Care at South County Hospital - The 95.9 Company Break

September 8th, 2015

This week The 95.9 Company Break takes a look at The Campaign for Cancer Care at South County Hospital. One cell. One person. One family. One circle of friends. One life. But there is nothing simple about having cancer. It shakes us to the core. It redefines life as before-and-after. It touches everyone we touch. And, for a while at least, it is the center of a very complicated life. Excellent cancer care demands the talents of many. Great minds. Healing hands. Diverse expertise. With a single focus. Because, ultimately, it's about one. One brave patient. One unique life. One stellar clinical team. And one shared act of generosity to enhance cancer care in our community. Please help us create The Community Cancer Center at South County Hospital. Embracing every patient with excellence and compassion. For more information on South County Hospital Cancer Care call 401-782-8000. Click HERE for more on this campaign or HERE to donate. 

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